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The Multerer Law Firm is a premier personal injury law firm based in Buffalo, NY. With a track record of success, we’ve been handling personal injury cases for over 25 years. If you’ve been hurt in an accident and feel you need an experienced representative on your side, give us a call. We’re here to help.

  • We guide you every step of the way. Our personal injury law firm understands the difficult situation our clients are in who have been injured in an accident. Our law firm’s personal injury attorney team has the experience to navigate the legal landscape of personal injury law.

  • You’re in a very stressful situation and don’t know where to turn. Simply call our office and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions and guide you through the next steps of your personal injury case. Concentrate on taking care of yourself and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Don’t worry about cost. Our consultation is free and we will represent you on a contingency fee basis. There will be no attorney fees unless we obtain a settlement on your behalf.

  • Why call us? We only represent accident victims – we do not represent insurance companies. We aggressively fight for our clients’ rights who have been injured in an accident. Our goal is to obtain the maximum compensation. Let us take care of your case while you take care of yourself.

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We have fought for Western New York accident victims who have been injured in an auto accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, construction accident, or wrongful death claim.

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This collection of posts is intended to educate and provide you with helpful information.

Hit and Run Accidents – What to Do

Never leave the scene of a hit and run accident. Whenever a person is involved in a car accident the law requires that they remain at the scene of the accident to share information with the other driver including name, address and insurance carrier. This is true for all accidents, no matter how serious they are.

Wear Your Seat Belts!

The US Department of Transportation reports that 90% of drivers use their seat belt when driving. Do you? If you don’t already use your seat belt you should start doing so immediately. It could save your life! If you're involved in an accident, it could also impact your personal injury case.

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What comment do we hear the most? That we are trusted. The personal injury attorneys and support team at Multerer Law Firm are dedicated to fighting for our clients through a personal injury case and guiding them along the way.

Our clients are injured, in pain, have lost income, and are confronted by medical bills and a mountain of paperwork. We concentrate on the details of the claim, communicate with insurance companies, and file the necessary forms.

Trust us when you’ve been injured in an auto accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, construction accident, or wrongful death claim. Our experienced and trusted personal injury attorneys are here to help. As a trusted personal injury law firm in Buffalo, NY we are here to help.

Doesn’t your case deserve the best representation?

Our personal injury accident attorneys will vigorously fight for your rights.

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